6 x 30min TV Comedy drama series for Channel 4 / UK / 2016
Arri Alexa Plus / Mini; Cooke S4i / Zeiss Superspeed


Production Company: Big Talk
Director: George Kane
Producer: Josh Cole
Writer: Phoebe Waller-Bridge
Executive Producers: Kenton Allen & Matthew Justice


Written by & starring the supremely talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, alongside an ensemble cast, Crashing crashes straight into the lives and loves of six twenty-to-thirty-something adults living together as Property Guardians in a disused hospital…

Shot in the Summer of 2015 in a real, abandoned hospital in East London, I had the chance to collaborate once again with the fantastic Director George Kane on this exciting, progressive series. Part comedy, part emotional drama, we were charged with delivering a naturalistic show, where the location is as much of a character as those on the page. A fantastic cast & crew made for a seriously fun shoot…


Silvia Llaguno / Julian Dickson

Andrew Naylor / Daniela Manunza