6 x 30min TV Comedy drama Series for BBC2 / UK / 2016
Arri Alexa Plus / Mini; Cooke S4i


Production Company: Big Talk
Director: Richard Laxton
Producer: Lyndsay Robinson
Writer: Stefan Golaszewski
Executive Producers: Kenton Allen & Matthew Justice


From the creative team behind Him & Her comes Mum: A comedy about a mother at a milestone in her life.

Starring the incredible Lesley Manville & Peter Mullan alongside an ensemble cast of Sam Swainsbury, Lisa McGrillis, Ross Boatman, Dorothy Atkinson, Karl Johnson and Marlene Sidaway, this was a joy to shoot.

Beautifully & meticulously crafted by writer Stefan Golaszewski & realised by the esteemable Director Richard Laxton (Him & Her, River, Burton & Taylor…), Mum will be back for a second series in 2017…


Silvia Llaguno / Julian Dickson

Andrew Naylor / Daniela Manunza