Raised By Wolves

6 x 30min TV Comedy drama series for Channel 4 / UK / 2016
Arri Alexa Plus; Cooke S4i


Production Company: Big Talk
Director: Ian Fitzgibbon
Producer: Caroline Norris
Writers: Caitlin & Caroline Moran
Executive Producers: Kenton Allen, Matthew Justice, Caroline Leddy


Raised By Wolves is loosely based on the early life of series writers / creators Caitlin & Caroline Moran – An unconventional life in which 6 kids were brought up & homeschooled by a single mother on a council estate in Wolverhampton…
A joy filled, if crowded upbringing, it was very important for us that this felt a positive experience…


A fantastic relationship between cast & crew combined with the feeling that we were working on something special & unique, is all reflected in the series- where we allowed the cast as much freedom as possible to do as they wished, whilst maintaining a stylised, unique & coherent look…


Silvia Llaguno / Julian Dickson

Andrew Naylor / Daniela Manunza