Way To Go

6 x 30min TV Comedy drama series for BBC / UK / 2012
Arri Alexa Plus; Cooke S4i


Production Company: BBC
Directors: Catherine Morsehead, Jeff Greenstein
Producer: Justin Davies
Writers: Bob Kushell, Jeff Greenstein
Executive Producers: Bob Kushell, Jeff Greenstein


The chance to shoot this controversial, original series about three guys who start an assisted suicide business in London proved irresistible!

Written by the legendary Bob Kushell (The Simpsons, 3rd Rock From The Sun), Directed by the wonderful Catherine Morsehead (Downton Abbey, No Offence) & starring Blake Harrison, Marc Wooton & Ben Heathcote…


Silvia Llaguno / Julian Dickson

Andrew Naylor / Daniela Manunza